Porterville Facility



Porterville Airport Is located 2 hours North of LAX and has a 6000 foot runway suitable for C130 operations. Porterville is a registered USPA group member DZ that is exclusively utilized for military airborne training. Unlike many commercial skydiving operations, SDE PTF only hosts one military unit at a time in order to give airspace exclusivity to the client, this increases safety and vastly reduces the chance airspace infringements.

Porterville is a commutable from many nearby hotel accommodations in Porterville, California.  The landing area has minimal hazards and is currently cleared by the US Special Operations Command for military parachuting. The landing is 174 Acres and is co-located with the airport enabling easy parachutist recovery.

Local FAA authorizes have approved NOTAM airspace to 25000 Feet AMSL. Porterville landing area is 443 ft AMSL.

Porterville offers a 21000 sq. ft hangar which is 100% climate-controlled ensuring that parachutists, aircrew and support staff remain warm during the winter months and adequately cool in the summer months. The hangar measures 135 by 150 feet. Within the training hangar 4000 sq.ft classrooms, aircrew rest / briefing area, packing area are for client use. Large TVs and seating areas are provided for student briefings and debriefs.

Ramp space at the training hangar supports a C130 with secure overnight storage

DZ on the airport- elevation 443 feet MSL.


Porterville typically has weather conducive to year-round parachuting operations. Summer high temperatures reaching a pleasant workable average of 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Consistent North westerly winds are conducive to predictable parachuting operations.

Portville is located 2 hours 40 mins from LAX.

Porterville is located 2 hours 40 mins from LAX.

Portville is located 2 hours 40 mins from LAX.

3 x additional satellite drop zone are with a 20 min drive of the airport including a MTTB / JPADs DZ.


For more information contact:
Military Manager
Cell: (580) 595-2190
General Manager
Cell: 714-904-3504