Elsinore Military Facilities


Skylark Airport CA-89 Airport has 2 x 2800-foot runways suitable for Skyvan operations and is a registered USPA group member DZ. The west side of the DZ is exclusively utilized for military airborne training. Skydive Elsinore is the oldest DZ in North America and has been an active USPA group member since the USPA adopted group memberships in 1995.

Skydive Elsinore is commutable from many nearby hotel accommodations in Temecula, Moreno Valley, and Elsinore, California. The landing area has minimal hazards and is currently cleared by the US Special Operations Command for military parachuting.

Located 80 miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), 73 Miles from San Diego international Airport and within a short drive of many local Southern California attractions. Southern California weather is conducive to year round parachuting.

The existing LOA permits parachuting operations up to and including 18000 feet MSL by day and night. The DZ elevation is 1265 feet.

The military DZ is located to the west side of the airport. There are minimal hazards on landing area. And is listed on the aZAR. SDE can facilitate cross wind and into wind releases at the client’s request for HALO and HAHO operation upto 18000ft MSL.

SDE military training facility has four brand new training facilities and has supported up to 120 personnel. The purpose-built complex is specifically designed to meet all training requirements for visiting military units. All classrooms are climate controlled and are dual purposed to act as comfortable air-conditioned packing areas.

Satellite DZ’s

Water Drop

The lake at Lake Elsinore is a cleared drop zone and has been used extensively by the global SF community. SDE holds clearance to drop both parachutists and cargo platforms into this open body of water and can supply catcher craft and waterborne recovery vehicles at the client’s request.

Hemet Airport

Hemet Ryan Airport is located 23 Miles (driving distance) from SDE. This airport acts as the hosting airport for C130 operations inclusive of Static Line, MFF and military tandem.


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