Student Pricing

Tandem Jumps Price
Tandem Jump $199
Tandem Jump Gift Certificate $199
Tandem Video Packages Price
Tandem Pro-Video Package – Outside HD Video/Digital Pictures $129
Tandem HandCam HD Video only $65
Tandem HandCam Digital Pictures only $65
Tandem HandCam HD Video/Pictures $85 (Save $45)
Tandem Deluxe Package – Pro-Video Package + HandCam HD Video OR HandCam Photos $149
Tandem Deluxe Plus Package – All video and photo options included $169
AFF Jumps Price
Level 1 – First Jump Course $329
Level 2 $239
USPA Membership $78
Level 3 $239
Level 4 $219
Level 5 $219
Level 6 $219
Level 7 $219
Level 8 $219
Solos X 11 $75 each
Coach Jumps X 5 $139 each
Simulated Emergency Exit $85
Packing Class $100
USPA License $36
Total $3,723
Discount Package (Pay up front and save $222) $3,499
AFF Pro-Video Package – Outside HD Video/Digital Pictures $129

TIP:  When comparing pricing for skydiving training programs, be sure to figure in the total price of a 25-jump program and associated fees.  Drop zones advertise their programs and pricing differently, which could be confusing when comparing prices.  You MUST complete a minimum of 25 jumps, complete the A-license proficiency card and hold a USPA membership before receiving a USPA A License, no matter where you train.

No hidden fees.  All jumps prior to your A-license include parachute equipment.


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