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Skydive Elsinore 1800 The Jump
Skydive Elsinore Staff


Karl Gulledge
Owner / Chief Pilot

John Hamilton
Owner / GM

Laurent Lobjoit
School Manager

Front Office Staff

Sydney Williams
Marketing & Events

Jessica Gellatly
Customer Service

Tiffani Forrest
Customer Service

Danielle Otness
Customer Service

Kaila Hamm
Customer Service

Daniella Martin
Office Manager

Megan Larrabee
Marketing Director

Instructors, Camera Flyers & Pilots

Brian Rowe
Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach...

Bryan Ortiz
Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach...

Andy Locke
Tandem Instructor, Videographer, Coach, ...

Barry Williams
AFF-I, USPA C/E, FAA Sr. Rigger, Direct...

Aaron Kylmanen
Video, Coach

Daniel Koon
AFF I, Video, PRO, Freefly/canopy coach

Michael Graham
AFF/Tandem Instructor, Video, Rigger

Kenn Walker
AFF Istructor, Tandem,

Yong Son Chisholm
Coach, AFF Instructor Examiner, Master R...

Johnny Gunn
Coach, AFFI, Tandem, MFFI #625, PRO, BAM...

Joel Hindman
Wingsuit Instructor, Coach

Christiaan Rendle
Tandem Instructor

Jason Timm

Chris Lowder
Camera, Coach, tandem instructor

Tiago Gusso

Douglas Spotted Eagle
Wingsuit Instructor, AFFI, Coach, PRO, C...

Aaron Okken

Mike Lanfor
AFF I, Tandem I, S/L and IAD IE, Pro, Vi...

Darren Burke
Aff Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Coach...

Whelington Mras
Coach, AFF instructor, Tandem instructor...

Joe Monreal
AFFI, Tandem I, MFFI

Damien Germano
AFF, Tandem, Video, PRO, badass

Coaches, Packers & Support Staff

Michael Choi

Luciana Viana

Natheena Shumaker
Tandem Gear Up

Amberlynn Rivenbark
Film Editor

Mirela Mattos
Tandem Training & Gear Up

Val Sobol
Tandem Trainer

Ronaldo Adriano Pereira
Coach, Packer

Tiago "Arez" Zacreska
Packer, Rigger


SKYDIVE ELSINORE - TEL: 1877 THE JUMP - 951 245 9939
20701 Cereal Street - Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530

Raise $500.00 for your Favorite Charity and make a FREE Tandem Skydive