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Skydiver of the Month: Zack Winoker
Skydiver of the month

Name: Zack Winoker

Age: 24

Occupation: Graduate student

Number of jumps: 1000

Jump Disciplines: 4-way and just starting out with big-way. Dabble in 8-way and wingsuiting, and I love a good tracking jump too. I also really like load organizing, if that counts.

Date of first jump: I did AFF level 1 on June 14, 2013

Favorite part of Skydiving: I like jumps that are really silly or really challenging. Nailing both is an awesome feeling and it's great to do either with my friends. It's also great watching newer jumpers find their way in the sport and develop into safe, “mature” skydivers.

What I want to accomplish in the sport of skydiving: I'd like to medal in 4-way at Nationals and be on a world record.

Favorite jump and why: I'm not sure I can pick a single favorite jump, but sunset high pulls never fail to amaze. I also really like jumping in pajamas.

Skydiving mentors:
Dan BC, Tracy Bohm, Sarah Smith, Josh Hall, among many many others

If you could make a dream jump, who would that be with: Anybody with a good attitude who wants to try something interesting.

If you could influence new/ younger jumpers, what would you tell them and why: Listen to people with more experience than you and don't get frustrated if you can't do something new right away. Remember that we learn how to skydive 50 seconds at a time. Also, never be afraid to ask if you can jump with someone. I see a lot of brand new jumpers just doing solos because they don't want to ask more experienced jumpers if they can participate. Just go talk to them, you have nothing to lose by asking!

Random fact: I've played the saxophone for about 14 years and used to perform regularly in jazz and rock bands.

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