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Skydive Elsinore's animated Flash tutorial "Jump Start" is the newest and most innovative learning tool for student skydivers, covering everly level of instruction. Fully animated and narrated, each segment lasts about two minutes. You will need the Flash Plugin to view Jump Start.

Tandem Skydive

There is no greater thrill than the experience of your first skydive. It can also be the scariest thing you've ever looked forward to! Watching this tutorial will answer a lot of your questions about making your first tandem jump.

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AFF Level 1

Each level of skydiving training requires you to learn specific skills. AFF Level 1, for instance, asks you to demonstrate that you are altitude aware, that you can maintain a relaxed arch in freefall, and that you can find your ripcord. Jump Start helps you to visualize and understand the dive flow to better prepare you for your first non-tandem skydive.

Aff Level 1

AFF Level 2

In AFF Level 2, your Instructors will release your arm grips, making it increasingly important that you are relaxed and stable in freefall. Know your altitude, maintain your arch, check your legs and relax!

Play Level 2

AFF Level 3

For the first time in your training, AFF Level 3 sees your instructors fully releasing you after exit and through deployment, as long as you remain stable and altitude aware.

Play Level 3

AFF Level 4

In Level 4 you will leave the plane for the first time with only one instructor. Your instructor will release grips in freefall as the situation allows. Remember all the hand signals - you'll probably see some on this jump!

Play Level 4

AFF Level 5

On this level, you will observe your instructor spotting the aircraft before you exit. During freefall, you will demonstrate your ability to start and stop a 90 degree turn.

Play Level 5

AFF Level 6

Level 6 begins with your first solo exit followed closely by your instructor. While continuing to remain altitude aware in freefall, you will repeat 360 degree turns in alternate directions until 6,000 feet.

Play Level 6

AFF Level 7

In Level 7 you will exit the plane in a sit, unassisted by your instructor, and recover stability! Then you will perform a back loop, a barrel roll and even tracking, before 6,000 feet!

Play Level 7

AFF Level 8

You will begin Level 8 with a dive exit, then make front loops, barrel rolls, track and even dock on your instructor! Don't forget to know your altitude!

Play Level 8

AFF Level 9

Congratulations! AFF Level 9 is your first solo jump! You will spot the aircraft, choose your own exit and perform your own learning objectives. You are now your own jumpmaster!

Play Level 9


Even a properly packed parachute can have problems. Jump Start's Malfunctions segment helps student skydivers to better visualize some of the most common malfunctions. The narration helps to firmly cement the emergency procedures.

Play Malfunctions

Hand Signals

In freefall, skydiving instructors communicate with their students using hand signals. This segment is a great way to learn and practice your hand signals until they become natural.

Play Hand Signals

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