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Jumper Spotlight - Bee Gonçalves


Bee Gonçalves

Age: 29
Occupation: AFF instructor, Videographier, Yoga Instructor, and smile instigator.
Number of Jumps: 1200+
Skydiving Accomplishments:


Jump Disciplines: Wingsuiting, Angle Flying and Free Flying
Date of first jump: Summer of 1999. My mother finally consented to a tandem when I was 15.
A unique fact that most people don't know about me:


Favorite part of Skydiving:

The Sky Family. It doesn't matter where you travel in the world, you can always count on a fist bump and a "cold one" at the local DZ.

What I want to accomplish in the sport of Skydiving:

Skydiving is a valuable training tool for wingsuit BASE and canopy piloting. Flare!!!!

Favorite Jump and why:

I have to say, jumping over the mediterranean in Israel, landing on the beach at sunset was pretty epic. Although, one jump does come to mind. Not to say it's my Favorite, but one ill never forget. It was a little over two years ago at Lodi. I was super stoked because I got my brand new container and I was jonesin' to jump it. I was asked to be on a 8 way free fly with some pretty awesome people. In all the madness of "green Light… GO!!!," I mush have bumped my BOC on the way out the door and end resulted in a premature at 7k. Danger… Danger…

Skydiving Mentors:

My mom and dad. Following in their footsteps as they watered the seeds of sky living, my love for the sport grows more and more with each jump

If you could make your dream jump, who would that be with:

Not only who, but WHERE!!! Sunset load over the sandy beaches of beautiful Costa Rica, while a music festival is exploding beneath us. King Africa- Bomba, serenades the shoes rights off our feet just before we swoop the warm water with our bare toes. Once we land, we quickly realize, "these aren't just skydiving jumpsuits, they're glow n' the dark animal outfits too". The animal kingdom is alive! Big smiles and high fives all around, we dance the night away with various versions of the robot and twerking….. Twerking?!?! DUH !!

If you could influence new / younger jumpers, what would you tell them and why:

This sport has the ability to change your life as well as take it. Be aggressive and stay current. Remember to smile, and why you got into the sport in the first place. Hold onto that passion, and when you aren't a sky baby anymore, take the time with those who are.

In the wise words of my mother,

"If you want something bad enough, You'll make it happen.

If not, you'll make an excuse."

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