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The camp is open to skydivers who are already proficient at sit flying or head down. Everyone and anyone who wants to participate can come work on their skills in a social, relaxed learning environment. If you’re a belly flier hoping to learn how to freefly, we recommend getting in touch with Andy Malchiodi for freefly coaching. This camp is not a substitute for one-on-one coaching. If you already have some good skills, and want to continue progressing to a more advanced level or want to just jump in to help out, by all means, come join the crew!

What will I get out of it?

Over the course of the year we’ll be working on body position, forward and backward movement, fall rate control, slides, turns, as well as exits, freefall communication (eye contact), skydive preparation, debriefs, etc. Depending on the skills each person already has, we can group/pair people up accordingly, and make skydives geared toward the things you need/want to learn—whether it’s basic beginning stuff, or more advanced skills geared toward 4-way, or larger formations. In addition to rocking the skies, you’ll be making new friends, having fun, and beers around the fire pit after hours. No but really, you can learn as much on the ground after hours as you can in the sky, so stick around.

How will I learn?

You will learn by listening and doing! As Excel coaches, we try to get everyone in the air and making skydives that they can learn from and have fun with. We also try to get as much exit and freefall video footage as we can, when a camera is available. Then, video or no video, we get together after each jump for a coach-directed group debrief, where we all talk about our jumps, and everyone can learn from everyone else! Of course individual questions are always welcome too, so just ask us— anything, anytime.

What else does Elsinore offer… Events?

As we build our skills over the course of the year, we’ll be able to start participating in some of the other awesome events Elsinore offers—like the events coordinated by Andy Malchiodi and the Elsinore Hawks, Bridge the Gap, Boneanza, Chicks Rock Boogie, the list goes on and on! Keep in mind that you certainly don’t have to come to every camp to participate, but focusing on skill-building in Excel helps get your skills up so that you can do better and play safely in these other events.

Any questions, email us at skydive@skydiveelsinore.com or call the office 951 245 9939.


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