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Skydive Elsinore Teams

Ever wonder who those people are, on every other plane, some with matching jumpsuits, some doing crazy things on the creepers, some talking about the tunnel all the time? Chances are, they're some of our local competitive skydivers. We're proud to host several teams here at Skydive Elsinore, so give us a second to brag about them:


Elsinore Honey Badgers - Advanced VFS (Silver Medal)

The Elsinore Honey Badgers, back with a new team make-up and a fiery passion to overcome the "questionable" judging at the 2011 nationals, came back with a vengeance and earned a shiny silver medal, in Advanced 4-way VFS.

Team members: Bryan Gile, Chad Ross, Lawrence de Laubadere, Brian Ball, and Derek Vanboeschoten (video)

Elsinore Generation Next - Advanced VFS (Bronze Medal)

Elsinore's Generation Next, a new freefly team under the leadership of Nathan Smith, came out guns ablazing. Angela Pudenz, Dean Perrine, Amy Dannacher and Brandon Park (video) assembled, trained, and made quite the showing at their first Nationals together. You may recognize them as the centerfold (oooooh) of the January issue of Parachutist.

Team member: Nathan Smith, Angela Pudenz, Dean Perrine, Amy Dannacher, and Brandon Park (video).


SoCal Converge - Open Freefly (Gold Medal - USPA Nationals, Silver Medal - World Meet)

SoCal Converge is no stranger to competitive success. The gold medal they earned at the 2012 USPA Nationals was their fourth National title, which sent them to Dubai in December 2012 to defend their world championship title from 2010. After an intense battle with one of the French freefly teams, SoCal Converge secured a second place finish and a shiny silver medal, just .2 points behind France. While they've said this is the last year you'll see them competing together as an artistic freefly team, rest assured that SoCal Converge lives on, and we can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

Team Members: Andy Malchiodi, Travis Fienhage, and Matt Lewis (video).

Elsinore Ignite - Open Freefly (Bronze Medal)

Elsinore Ignite had a bit of a switcharoo with the camera man since Felix is overseas. Together, Damien Germano, Shane McLafferty and Lelo Mras moved to the Open class after competing in Intermediate in the previous years, and brought the heat. Congratulations on an awesome showing in the open class, Ignite!

Team members: Damien Germano, Shane McLafferty, and Lelo Mras (video).

Elsinore FlyStyle YSK - Intermediate Freefly (Silver Medal)

If you've done a tandem at Skydive Elsinore sometime during 2012, there's a good chance that one of the FlyStyle guys was your instructor. Andy Locke, Johnny Gunn and Marty Rhett came together and put together a little freefly team to showcase the skills they've been building all year, and we gotta say, silver medal at your first Nationals together? Yeah, that just happened. Congratulations, FlyStyle!

Team members: Andy Locke, Johnny Gunn, and Marty Rhett (video).



Elsinore Zygosis - Advanced 4-way FS (5th Place)

For the past two years, Tom and Tracy Bohm, two 4-way lovers hailing from Ottawa, IL, have hired Elsinore's very own John Hamilton as their player/coach for an advanced 4-way FS team. In 2011, Tom and Tracy were members of CSC Syndicate with John Hamilton and Janna Wynne, and they averaged a 10.7, earning an outstanding 7th place finish.

This year, they moved the team to Elsinore to create Elsinore Zygosis, with Tom, Tracy, John Hamilton and Jonathan Perl. After barreling through their training season in the summer SoCal heat, they scored an average of 13 points per round, for a tie for 5th place. They were just 9 points shy of a bronze medal. If you were following the advanced class this year, you know how impressive the competition was.

Team members: John Hamilton, Tracy Bohm, Tom Bohm, Jonathan Perl, and David Sands (video).



Skydive Elsinore Too Wrapped Up - CRW Rotations (Gold Medal - USPA Nationals, 4th Place - World Meet)

The whistles. The laughter. The shenanigans. The friendly faces. Skydive Elsinore Too Wrapped Up is our hometown CRW team, and we happen to think they are pretty awesome. The judges seem to agree as well. After a gold medal performance at the 2012 USPA Nationals, they shipped off to Dubai to represent the USA at the World Meet. This was their first appearance at Worlds, and they brought their A-Game. They battled it out with Sweden and rocked the last round hard enough to beat them by one point, securing a solid 4th place finish.

Team members: Eric Gallan, Sean Jones, Will Kitto, Taylor Cole, Kevin Ingley, and Glen Fafard (video).




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