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Skydive Elsinore 1800 The Jump

Military Training / Research and development


Military Parchute Test Jumper
Photo: Pat Newman

Military Intentional Water Landings
Edwards Air Force Water Jumps Over Lake Elsinore

Skydive Elsinore is a world class facility, in full support of military parachute operations and training. With ongoing currency and increased proficiency with every group, Skydive Elsinore operates all kinds of military training on site, in the safest environment around. Services available include test operations, fresh water LZ (landing zone) drops and surveyed, round parachute static-line low-altitude drops, exclusive military jump runs and/or plane loads. We operate cost effective training on a flexible schedule—references are available.

Skydive Elsinore is the longest running drop zone in North America, is an honest and reliable family, while running the most professional operation around. The professional pilots on staff have flown numerous groups including the United States Air Force, the Navy Seals, the United States Army, the United Kingdom’s British Royal Army, the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force, and many more. Essentially any training operation can be effected here at Skydive Elsinore with our aircraft, and our highly experienced pilots. Our high standards are paramount here at Skydive Elsinore with every group we work with.

Any questions you have please don’t hesitate to contact either of our Drop Zone Owners directly, Karl Gulledge, oski@skydiveelsinore.com, or John Hamilton, jhammo408@skydiveelsinore.com.


Reasearch and Development

Military Cargo Recovery Systems
Testing of unmanned system and cargo recovery systems. An example shown here being a development flight test of a modern cruciform canopy for use on an unmanned aerial target system.

Cirrus recover parachute
Testing of Citrus Parachute Recovery System - BRS “ Airborne Systems”

Skydive Elsinore is also home of cutting edge research and development in parachute drop testing. With our experienced staff, Skydive Elsinore has hosted some of the most unique, spectacular, and data-rich drops. Skydive Elsinore is proud to have worked with the following companies in the world of parachute technology, research, and development: JPL, Piorneer Aerospace, Airborne Systems, Vertigo Inc., JSAF, and Cirrus Aircraft Recovery Systems, and more. Also serving as an Edwards Air Force Base remote test parachute facility, Skydive Elsinore is highly equipped with years of experience to offer the best specialty service for this very specific work.

For more information or to plan the service you need, please contact either of our Drop Zone Owners directly, Karl Gulledge, oski@skydiveelsinore.com, or John Hamilton, jhammo408@skydiveelsinore.com.

Military Static Line
Personnel canopy testing can also be accomplished. Development of new canopies or upgrades / variants of existing canopies can be undertaken. The aircraft can be equipped with static line attachments and, mounted with on-board video cameras to view the near-aircraft deployment and inflation aspects of canopies.





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