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Skydive Elsinore 1800 The Jump

Dropzone Facilities

Skydive Elsinore is the closet skydiving center to Los Angeles and has over two acres of beautiful green grass conveniently located next to the packing and loading areas. Carefully looked after by DZ Owner Karl Gulledge, plush lawn, bubbling fountains and shade trees are unique characteristics of Skydive Elsinore - an enchanting oasis of warmth - both in climate and in hospitality.

Skydiving In Los Angeles
Panorama Photo by Dean

skydiving center facilities

Skydive Elsinore Catwalk

skydive elisnore beautiful trees

Beautiful bathroom facilities

bathroom signs

no dogs allowed at Skydving in LA

Babbling fountains at Skydive Elsinore

Skydive Elsinore main office entry

Water Feature

skydive elsinore fountain

skydive elsinore beauty

skydiving in la creeping area

square one parachutes

southern california skydiving beautiful landscape

square one cactus

square one entrance

skydive elsinore coy fish

ground zero sign

skydive elsinore gold medal

Southern California Skydiving Bar

Tiki Bar Decorations

Skydive Elsinore History

Historical Skydiving

Gold Medal

Palm Tree


Beautiful grounds

Skydivers lounging

Blue Skies

Skydive Elsnore Loading area

DeHavilland Twin Otter

Skydive Elsinore Manifest


Skydiving Center Office

The Cat Walk

The Cat walk

Skydive Elsinore Bathrooms





SKYDIVE ELSINORE - TEL: 1877 THE JUMP - 951 245 9939
20701 Cereal Street - Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530